IMAP support for Emacs and Gnus

What this is

A package for Emacs and Gnus used to connect to IMAP servers.

If you don't know what Emacs, Gnus and IMAP is, this is of no interest to you. For more information look at:


This is probably not a complete list.

What's new

What's old?

Mailing list

Mail the following to to subscribe to the mailing list. Send "help" to the same address for further instructions.


There is a mailing list archive available.

Download it

Please get the latest pGnus release instead of downloading a nnimap tar ball, it contains nnimap. The nnimap releases contained here are not up to date.

This is a beta software.

This code was snatched from John's ftp directory and Jim's ftp directory and then patched by me. Credits to them, bug reports to the list.

It's also available via anonymous CVS from

with password "nnimap". Thanks to Jim Radford for this server.

How to use it

There's a manual which should cover most things. The mailing list is there for what's not, and it's a good idea to subscribe to it if you're using nnimap.

Also be sure to check out the patch page if you need to patch your Gnus to get things going. Generelly the latest development Gnus include theese patches.

Before reporting bugs, have a look at the list of known problems with nnimap.
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