Patches for Gnus to make nnimap work

Required patches

Since there are so many Gnus versions out there this page does not contain diff style patches but instead the raw code. You need to find and replace the functions in your gnus with the functions listed below. Unless you use a recent Gnus that contain all patches, that is.

I have not tested this with every known Gnus version. To play it safe (wrt nnimap), upgrade your gnus to the latest development version.

Optional patches

Theese are patches not required for operation but adds variouse enhancements to Gnus. Patches here will hopefully be included in the experimental Gnus version sooner or later. As such theese patches are considered very experimental.

lisp/gnus-sum.el, Gnus-summary-move-article Included in Pterodactyl Gnus 0.90
Make Gnus preserve flags when moving articles into nnimap mailboxes.
Support for disconnected operation with server side flags Not included in any Gnus version
This patch adds a new group command `J Y' to synchronize disconnected flag changes to the server once you reconnect. It also includes some Gnus Agent bugfixes required for smooth operation.

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