Known problems

Known problems in nnimap.el

Known problems in imap.el

No known problems.

Known problems in related software

Emacs version < 20.4 has Mule problems in process filters.
Solution: Upgrade, Emacs 20.4 and XEmacs work fine.
Cyrus IMAPD versions prior to 1.5.10 have serious flag problems.
Solution: Upgrade.
`s_client' from SSLeay v0.9.x does not work.
Solution: Downgrade to SSLeay v0.8.x or upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.3 (or later). The latter is recomended.
Gnus/nnimap "hangs" when using kerberos integrity and privacy options against a Cyrus IMAPD server.
Solution: Upgrade to Cyrus IMAPD 1.6 or later.
As a workaround, you can disable kerberos privacy/integrity checking with:
      (setq imap-imtest-arguments "-k")

Known problems in IMAP disconnected mode with Gnus/nnimap

  1. The Agent can't move articles into unplugged mailboxes (and have them sent to the server when you plug back in).
  2. If you use another client (or even another instance of Gnus/nnimap) to read mail on your IMAP server when unplugged, Gnus doesn't guess the number of unread articles in your mailboxes correctly when you reconnect. Entering the mailbox fetches correct information from the server and things are back to normal.
  3. The Agent's selection of which articles to fetch are based on Gnus's opinion about the (un)readedness of articles, which in some cases are wrong. Cases are when you mark articles as read in another client (they will be fetched by the Agent even they shouldn't) or if you mark a article you've read with Gnus/nnimap as unread in another client (they wont be fetched by the Agent). Both can be corrected by entering the group (hence forcing Gnus to update what it knows about the mailbox) before downloading articles from the group.
  4. Expiring mail on the server doesn't happen automatically when you quit folders.
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