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4 Invoking autobuild

4.1 Synopsis

     autobuild [OPTION]... FILE...

4.2 Description

Read and parse build logs to find project name, revision, build mode, build host type, build type (for cross compile builds), hostname, and timestamp, then print an HTML page with information and links to the logs.

See Tutorial, for more discussion.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

           Abort  if any of the following values cannot be guessed: project
           name, revision, host type, and build type.

    -n, --dry-run
           Just parse, don’t print output.

    -s, --skip-unknown
           Skip unparsable files.

    -v, --verbose
           Explain what is being done.

For use when autobuild fail to guess the values properly:
    -p, --project=STRING
           Specify project name.

           Specify project revision.

           Specify build mode (typically ’default’).

           Specify host type (e.g., i686‐pc‐linux‐gnu).

           Specify build type  (e.g.,  m68k‐uclinux‐elf).   Different  from
           hosttype for cross compiles.

           Specify name of host log was created on.

           Specify  when  build  was  made.  Any date format will work, but
           `YYYY-MM-DD+HH.MM.SS' is recommended.

           Outcome of build.  Any string will work, but "ok" and "fail" are
           recommended for the two basic outcomes.

    Other options:

    --help Display this help and exit.

           Output version information and exit.