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3 Integrating autobuild.m4 In Your Project

A normal build log from an Autoconf/Automake based project do normally not include the project name, revision, time stamp of build or host name of the build host. Specifying these values using --project etc (see Invoking autobuild) can be tedious, especially considering that it would be so simple for the Autoconf configure script to print them.

To solve the above problem, Autobuild includes an M4 macro suitable for use in your Autoconf project, invoked from Properly installed, the macro will make your project print something similar to the following output (this example is what the Autobuild itself prints during its build), as part of its build. This format is later recognized by Autobuild.

     checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
     checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
     configure: autobuild project... autobuild
     configure: autobuild revision... 1.2
     configure: autobuild hostname... latte
     configure: autobuild timestamp... 20040708-163123

To use the macro, put something like the following in your


Then make sure your Autoconf installation can find the autobuild.m4 file, which should have been installed when you installed Autobuild.

The macro can take an optional parameter, the build mode, as follows:


This would result in an additional message:

     configure: autobuild mode... whatever