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5 Invoking htmlize

5.1 Synopsis

Add markup to file and save as HTML.


5.2 Description

Launch Emacs and load INFILE into a buffer, then invoke a major mode for font locking, and render the fontified buffer as HTML, saving the result into OUTFILE.

Emacs must have htmlfontify.el installed in its load-path.

If OUTFILE is not specified, it will use INFILE appended with .html.

If EMACS-MODE is not specified, compilation-mode will be used.

  --emacs COMMAND
         Use specified command to invoke emacs, e.g. "emacs21".

  --mode MODE
         Fontify  file  using specified Emacs mode, defaults to
         "compilation-mode".  E.g., "sh-mode".

  -f, --force
         Overwrite OUTFILE if it exists, instead  of  exiting  unsuccess-
         fully with an error message.

  -u, --update
         Only  write  to  OUTFILE  when  OUTFILE  does not exist, or when
         INFILE is more recent than OUTFILE.

  -h, --help
         Display this help and exit successfully.

         Display version information and exit successfully.

Environment variables:
  EMACS  The Emacs editor command.

Simple example:
  htmlize mybuildlog.txt mybuildlog.html