Sieve support for KDE


What is this?

This page contain information about a package that implement remote Sieve management for KDE (a "KIO slave").

If you do not know what Sieve or KDE is, I suggest using the following resources.

Note! If you use Emacs, you might want to be interested in my Emacs sieve package as well.



This package is developed in the kdenonbeta CVS module. To check out the kio_sieve directory, follow this (hit enter for the password):

$ cvs -d login
Logging in to
CVS password:
$ cvs -d co -l kdenonbeta
$ cd kdenonbeta
$ cvs co admin
$ cvs up -dP kio_sieve

KDE has more information on using and building from CVS.

You can browse the source using the KDE CVS Web.

Contact information

Redirect discussions to the kde-devel mailing list, see the KDE mailing list pages.


Connect to the server (via e.g. bookmark) and enter credentials:

Server content displayed in Konqeuror (size indications not available, protocol doesn't support it):

Clicking on one of the files invoke the KWrite application (unfortunately right now you need to enter your credentials again, and a separate connection is opened):

Edit the script in KWrite:

Quiting KWrite offers you to upload the script to the server:

You may wonder about how to set the active script. It is currently set by chmod:ing the script you want to be active with the "x" unix mode bit. The server makes sure at most one script will have the "x" bit set.