Sieve support for emacs


What is this?

This page contain information about a package that implement sieve support for emacs (Emacs or XEmacs).

If you do not know what Sieve or emacs is, I suggest using the following resources.

Note! If you use KDE, you might want to be interested in my Sieve KIO slave kio_sieve as well.

Tutorial and documentation

Right now there is a tutorial, a brief manual on the Gnus integration and the Sieve Manual itself.



XEmacs users! Download the sieve package instead, using the XEmacs package system.

Gnus users! The Sieve package is part of Oort Gnus, if you use it there is no need to download this package as well.

The latest release are available at

Earlier versions can be found in a directory at

Contact information

The author can be reached at


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