This is a package that provide a command line tool to perform base 64 encoding and decoding.

The goal of this implementation is to be highly portable, and only require an ANSI C89 platform.

If you want help with using or adapting this implementation on a commercial basis, please contact me.

Base64 is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

How to use it

It is quite simple to use, if you are familiar with Unix tools in general. Examples are better than words:

jas@latte:~$ echo foo|base64|base64 --decode
jas@latte:~$ base64 --quiet foo

What's new


Note! The latest version is now part of GNU CoreUtils. The releases below are for historical purposes.

The releases are distributed from release directory.

All releases are signed with an OpenPGP key with fingerprint 0xB565716F.


Base64 is developed in CVS on a private machine. At irregular intervals, it is synchronized against a publicly available machine (just press enter at the password prompt):

$ cvs -d login
Logging in to
CVS password:
$ cvs -d co base64

The online CVS repository is available.

Before each release, the package is built on many platforms. The latest results from the autobuilder is available.

Simon Josefsson