SecurEmacs - Security functionality for emacs

Currently there is little here, but I intend to develop this further into support various security features for Emacs and XEmacs.

What's new

First attempt, proof of concept, at SSL support in Emacs 21
Second attempt, low-level C mapping of NSS API and a high-level elisp interface (compatible with wmperry's ssl.el), at SSL primitives for Emacs Lisp. (N.b., this completely replaces the previous patch.)
An implementation of STARTTLS using the new primitives is available as starttls.el. It is backwards compatible with Daiki Ueno's similar work. (N.b., this requires the previous patch.)
I rewrote it all using GNU TLS instead. Currently only the ssl.el part is there, but on the other hand it actually seem to work (no buffer saturation problem as with Open SSL). Very crude patch available.
I modified it for GNU TLS 3.1, cleaned the patch up and added documentation to it. You can find the patch here. A library, gnutls.el, is available that implements the usual `open-ssl-stream'. Try it by evaluating:
  (load "~/lisp/gnutls.el")
  (setq jas (open-ssl-stream "foo" (current-buffer) "" 443))
  (when jas
    (process-send-string jas "GET /\n")
    (accept-process-output jas 5)
    (gnutls-bye jas gnutls-shut-wr)
    (gnutls-deinit jas)
    (delete-process jas)))
Another update is available.


I'm using it to read mail using IMAP in Gnus with STARTTLS.