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Garmin OpenStreetMap files for Sweden and Italy

Here you can download a map over Sweden and Italy in Garmin format. The maps have been tested on the Garmin Legend HCx but should work with any device (or software) that can read Garmin "gmapsupp.img" files.

To use the map, copy the file to the /Garmin directory on your memory card and make sure the file is called /Garmin/gmapsupp.img. Then insert the memory card in the device. The map should load directly.

The files "sweden.img" and "italy.img" is the main map based on data, licensed under CC-BY-SA.

The files "sweden-contour.img" and "italy-contour" also contains contour lines, based on copyrighted material from via Unfortunately, this material is not under a free license.

See the "Last modified" date column to find out when the map was built. The map source may be up to a day older than the build date, depending on propagation delays.

The maps are generated based from raw OSM data downloaded from and splitted into managable chunks using splitter and converted into Garmin format using mkgmap. If you are curious about the details, the makefile to build the files can be found in my Git repository.


The Swedish OSM mailing list is reachable at, see info at and the mailing list archives. If you wish to contact me directly, try