Rijndael implementation in Emacs Lisp

This page contain my implementation of Rijndael in Emacs Lisp. Rijndael was recently chosen as the Advanced Encryption Standard by NIST.

Further information about Rijndael can be found at:

My implementation is available online.

Currently it supports encryption and decryption in ECB mode using 128, 160, 192, 224 and 256 bit long keys. It includes routines to generate tables, similar to those generated by the reference implementation available via NIST's pages, so you can verify that it seems to work.

The code is intended to work with Emacs (v18 and later) and XEmacs, and has been tested on Emacs 19.34, 20.7 and 21 pretest as well as XEmacs 20.4, 21.1, and 21.4.