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Re: Assertion failed

Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> writes:

> When I enter some group, imap.el gives me this error.
> error in process filter: Assertion failed: (eq (char-after) 41)

Do you know what server you're connecting to?  If you don't know, look
at the first lines of *imap-log* where the server identifies itself.

> * 1 FETCH (... BODY ("TEXT" "PLAIN"  ("CHARSET" "ISO-2022-JP") ...

The problem here is a superflous space, which the IMAP specification
does not allow.

There are implementation recomendation that says that a IMAP parser
should not tolerate extra whitespace (which imap.el for this reason is
picky about). As this doesn't really seem to work in the real world
I'll probably need to change this in nnimap...