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Re: Moving from nnml to nnimap loses marks?

Kai.Grossjohann@CS.Uni-Dortmund.DE writes:

  > I'm running nnimap-0.114 and pgnus-0.84 with some of Simon's patches
  > (remove-from-range, update-marks, valid-move-group) against a Cyrus
  > server.  Moving messages from nnml to nnimap loses all marks.  What's
  > wrong? 

Does the following patch (against gnus-sum.el as of pgnus-0.84) solve
the problem?

--- gnus-sum.el.DIST   Thu Jun 10 14:22:25 1999
+++ gnus-sum.el Thu Jun 10 15:36:47 1999
@@ -7262,7 +7262,11 @@
                                              (caar marks)))))))
                ;; Copy the marks to other group.
-               to-group (cdar marks) (list to-article) info))
+                 to-group (cdar marks) (list to-article) info)
+                  (gnus-request-set-mark to-group
+                                         (list (list (list to-article)
+                                                     'add
+                                                     (list (cdar marks))))))
                (setq marks (cdr marks)))

I wonder if it is really this simple.

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