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Re: cl-assertion-failed when listing a folder.

Kjell M. Myksvoll <kjell.myksvoll@telenor.com> writes:

> MS Exchange server (versjon 5.5.2448.8).


> Perhaps nnimap fails in parsing the letter and simply skips it?

Yes, this is the case.

> * 1 FETCH (... ENVELOPE ("Tue, 18 May 1999 07:44:45 +0200" "RE: Viva le frogs" (("A1" NIL "A1" "D1")) (("A1" NIL "A1" "D1")) (("A1" NIL "A1" "D1")) (("A2" NIL "A2" "A2") (NIL NIL "A3" "D3") ...)) NIL NIL NIL "<5F842E20596AD21187780008C75DC0E8182CCA@mjoelner.oslo.telenor.no>")

This is simply incorrect, as far as I can tell anyway. Your server
responded a env-to that looked like:

((...) (...) ...)

The grammar says

address         = "(" addr-name SP addr-adl SP addr-mailbox SP
                     addr-host ")"

env-to          = "(" 1*address ")" / nil

So it should have looked like


The server I use (Cyrus) respond this way.

I'll send a copy of this to the IMAP list to see if this could
possibly be correct. I also believe people from MS read the list so
meybe the can comment.

Thanks for your detailed bug report!